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Unidirectional Plate And Two-way Plate
- Oct 11, 2017 -

1. Unidirectional Board editing

The floor slab is generally supported by four sides, and can be divided into unidirectional plate and two-way plate according to its force characteristic and support condition. In the process of force and force of the plate, the size of the L2 and the L1 ratio of the short edge size determines the force of the plate.

According to the analysis results of elastic thin plate theory, when the ratio of the long and short edges of the plate is over a certain value, the load is mainly passed along the short side direction of the plate bending (and shearing) action, the load along the long side direction can be ignored, which can be called "unidirectional plate."

2. Two-way Board edit

The rectangular plate supported by the four sides, such as the ratio of long span to short span is small, the ratio is less than two o'clock called two-way plate. Under the action of load, the bending moment will be produced in two directions, and the reinforced steel shall be configured along two vertical directions.