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Titanium Metal Plate
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Titanium plate, is made of titanium as a metal plate, titanium is a very special metal, the texture is very lightweight, but also very tough and corrosion-resistant, it will not be like silver black, at room temperature to maintain its own tone for life. The melting point of titanium is similar to that of platinum, so it is often used in space. Military precision parts. With the addition of current and chemical treatment, it will produce different colors. Titanium Metal has the characteristics of the future, all can increase the temperament, at the same time a new, lightweight but exceptionally strong, is the international popular jewelry materials. As for the design, very clean cutting, high degree of design and low-key avant-garde style, is highly praised by young white collars.

Titanium is a pure metal, because of the "pure" titanium metal, so the matter and it contact, will not produce chemical reaction. In other words, because titanium corrosion resistance, high stability, so that it in the long-term contact with people does not affect its nature, so will not cause human allergies, it is the only human plant nerves and taste without any effect of metal. Titanium is also known as "pro-biological metal". Titanium has a unique use in medicine. In the bone damage, with titanium and titanium screws fixed, in a few months, bones will be on the titanium plate and screws in the thread. The new muscles are wrapped in titanium tablets, which are like real bones, and can even be replaced with titanium artificial bones to treat fractures.