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Supermarket Shopping Cart Classification
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Supermarket shopping carts are divided into two categories: common is divided into European-style shopping carts, Japanese shopping carts. European shopping cart divides two kinds: the first kind is the bracket type shopping cart, the second kind is the pallet type shopping cart;

1. Bracket Type Shopping Cart

The Bracket type shopping basket uses the cold rolling steel wire grip to form, the body surface treatment is the iron-plated similar stainless steel color. Plus polyurethane wheels make our shopping cart more prominent in shopping. Bracket-type shopping cart is based on the evolution of American shopping carts, basic functions are relatively similar, more in small supermarkets.

2. Pallet Shopping Cart

Pallet shopping cart commonly known as "American Shopping Cart" body has three kinds of functions, first, basket have children to sit in the place, so that the convenience of women or children with the shopping, the second, the box can increase the volume of more large supermarket products, third, the car underneath the place where shopping baskets. The number of other shopping carts compared to American shopping carts is far from the same.

3. Japanese Shopping Cart

Japanese-style shopping cart has no special volume division, commonly used is the body frame for shopping iron box, below is placed basket pallet. Features are shopping carts and shopping baskets can be used at the same time, the disadvantage is that the storage of goods than European shopping poor.