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New Equipments
- Nov 14, 2017 -

Our recent acquisition of seven sets of equipment to significantly increase production capacity

Beautiful Hardware as a strong manufacturer of display racks and shop accessories , Continue to introduce new technology, new equipment, increase investment in science and technology and technological innovation. To meet the production needs, improve production capacity, improve product quality, Our company invested heavily in the acquisition of seven advanced production and processing equipment Recently, including three welding machines ,one 2D wire bonding machine and one punching machine, all of them will be in place in December 2017. At that time, our hardware shop display fixture products capacity will increase significantly.

In order to achieve our second  five-year strategic plan of "upgrade capacity scale" , to provide support for "expanding the overseas market ", the purchase of these new equipment will not only significantly increase the production capacity of metal hooks ,brackets and wire mesh products and enhance the production efficiency as well as the quality, also it will fully upgrade our physical facilities image and take a solid step toward realizing the factory's second five-year strategic plan.

shop fixture machine.jpg