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Multi-functional Metal Shelf Racks
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Multi-functional metal shelf racks are assembled from high-carbon steel metal materials, flexible, unique structure, wide range of uses, large-capacity shelf, because of its open structure, is a practicality of home storage shelf .

The shelves are widely used in both commerce and home . They can be used at homes as well as in industries, stores, supermarkets, and bookstores.

Here are some advantages of the metal shelf .

1. the structure is stable and durable. a variety of sizes are available :3 floor,4 floor,5 floor and so on , also, we can manufacture according to customer requirments.

Wire mesh with thicker wire and high density netting make it stable and not bent. Double protection.

2. it is not easy to get rusted. Our metal shelf finish have chrome-plated or powder coating . after multiple processes, It is corrosion- and rust-proof .

3.Easy installation. No tools required for installation, easy assembly

4. Convenient use. The open structure is very convenient to use, the items or commodities can be placed directly on it. Anti-web design to prevent items from falling .

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