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Metal Decorative Plate
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Metal Decorative Plate material types have aluminum, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., the choice of copper, stainless steel decorative plate high-grade, high prices, the general room decoration, the choice of aluminum alloy decorative plate is more appropriate, in line with the general shopping mentality, inexpensive. Specifications have rectangular, square, and so on, rectangular plate of the largest specifications have 6000mm*100mm*0.5mm, the width of the general room about 5m more, the larger room decoration, the selection of long strip-shaped plate of the overall strong; the small room decoration generally can choose 300mm*300mm. Because of the poor insulation performance of metal plate, in order to obtain a certain attraction, insulation function, in the selection of metal plate ceiling decoration, you can use the inside of the glass wool, rock wool and other heat-absorbing products to achieve the function of insulation sound absorption. Especially the residents living on the top floor can improve the indoor environment and save the energy cost of air conditioner obviously after decoration.

Metal Decorative Plate is also the essence of the metal decoration panel, its meaning of metal decorative plate: Refers to a metal as a surface material composite made of a novel interior decoration materials, metal plates, pieces of decorative materials through the inlay or structural connection installation and other technology and wall surface formation of the decorative level. Decorative level can directly reflect the decorative effect of the building, make full use of natural or man-made materials to display the designer's decorative design style, the wall has a better cover and protection role.

Metal decorative plate is mainly used in building decoration, it can not only decorate the exterior surface of the building, but also to protect the face from rain and snow and other erosion of the role. Especially for some new wall materials, such as light steel keel paper plasterboard wall, paper grass board wall, etc. more suitable.