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Mannequin Display
- Jan 11, 2018 -

1, the mannequins must be displayed in groups of 2-4 pieces, and the material and color must be uniform, group display models with the same series of clothing, a small number of models to be displayed with the clothing exhibition in the adjacent area (rack, booth, etc.)

model mannequin props.jpg

2, the model dress must be fit, clean and tidy without defect, the clothing tag should be placed inside the clothes. If the wearing clothes in the model are sold out, should replace the alternative models on time.

3, the model should be properly matched with the harmonious accessories, props, so that the display more humanized. The display mannequins must be fashion, the outdated display props must be remove from the store.

4, heading: the model placed to be based on the actual location of the shop to make adjustments, as far as possible toward the guests. When stand some models , do not side-by-side together, try to stagger the mannequin, and look more dynamic and more life.