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Electromagnetic Lock
- Oct 11, 2017 -

As long as the small current electromagnetic lock will produce a great magnetic force, control of the electromagnetic lock power supply access system identification personnel right after the power failure, electromagnetic lock lost suction can open the door. Because the electromagnetic lock has no complicated mechanical structure and the construction of the lock tongue, it is suitable for the access control of the escape door or fire gate. The internal use of the perfusion epoxy resin to protect the lock body.

Now the suction strength of the electromagnetic lock is expressed in lb (lb), and the test method is static pressure. The so-called static pressure is the electromagnetic lock after the power slowly gradually increased to the adsorption of the iron plate, when the suction beyond the electromagnetic lock when the absorption of iron plate, this rally data is the tensile value of the electromagnetic lock. And the force of the electromagnetic lock and adsorption plate must be face-to-face and straight-line pressure, so the suction of the electromagnetic lock is the largest. The adsorption of iron plates is likely to be magnetized temporarily because of the magnetic induction of the electromagnet for a long time.