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Types of Racks
- Oct 11, 2017 -

There are many forms of drying racks.

1. Balcony Lift Type

Is installed in the balcony, through the manual or electric way to reduce the drying bar, the clothes to dry, and then make the drying rod elevated a kind of drying racks. This product is suitable for the home and dormitory balcony.

2. Wall-Mounted

Wall-mounted hanging racks are installed on the wall, the installation of a high general to the human chest, design reasonable should be able to play and put down, usually put down the wall, do not occupy space, to hang clothes when the play. These racks are short suitable for hotels, dormitories, hospital wards, family rooms and so on. Long suitable for outdoor, such as villas or houses with a courtyard.

3. Floor

Floor-type drying racks are directly placed on the ground with a kind of drying racks, is now common with the X, Butterfly-type (also known as airfoil), horizontal bar type of several parallel bars. Suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoor.

4. Stretch type

Tensile stretch type drying racks are also installed on the wall, usually can be pushed close to the wall, when used to hang clothes. Suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoor.