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Types of anti-theft locks
- Oct 11, 2017 -

1. According to the lock core principle classification

According to the principle of lock core, anti-theft door lock can be divided into lock, blade lock, Magnetic lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock, etc. Lock and magnetic locks are more common. Like a zigzag lock, the cross lock, the computer locks and so on all belong to lock; magnetic locks were popular before, but less than 2010 years later.

2. Classify according to technical principle

Security doors are generally used with mechanical locks and electronic locks. The electronic lock vulgar is called the computer lock, is not really uses the computer to unlock. The computer lock key has three to five unequal circular grooves, which are called computer locks, which are assembled in a factory home computer. Different manufacturers, computers used in most of the program is not the same, the groove in the location, size, depth of the natural is not the same, so its mutual opening rate than the cross lock, a word lock much lower. Even if the locksmith, open a computer lock the time is about 10 minutes.

There is also a kind of anti-theft door lock is also more reliable, that is, composite lock. The so-called composite lock refers to two or more different principles of the lock core combination in the same lock. The most common composite lock on the market is the combination of lock and magnetic locks, which professionals call magnetic composite locks. In order to unlock the lock, you must first destroy the magnetism of the locks. But the magnetic composite lock also has a fatal weakness, if the key is not properly kept, by gravity collision or encounter high temperature will degaussing. Once the degaussing, the lock will not open.

3. According to the structure classification

The lock used on the anti-theft door is divided into single point lock and multiple point lock, so-called single point lock means locking lock of lock point through lock itself. Multi-point lock means in addition to itself, while driving the vice lock, forming a number of lock points, and distributed around the door frame, enhance the performance of the skid.