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The selection and use of Supermarket rack and hooks
- Dec 16, 2017 -

The selection and use of Supermarket rack and hooks


Supermarket shelf display hooks is a very common accessory at supermarket, which is widely used in the supermarket and store shelves, and can be used for hanging display products such as bagged dried fruit, bagged beef jerky, toothpaste toothbrush, underwear cap, etc., as well as used widely in jewelry shop and electronic accessories shop . There are many types and styles of supermarket shelf hooks, which can be selected and used according to their own needs. Here are some common supermarket hooks:

1, Bar hook : This hook's application is very common, the installation is simple, elegant appearance, rust-proof performance. Such supermarket hooks used with cross bar , which installed on the shelf upright, mount the hook directly to the bar, the spacing can be adjusted according to your need.

2, slatwall hook, this hook is hot-selling, easy to install with the slot board. we have different lengths and different types , like single slat hook , double scan hook, Price tag hooks, U-shaped Euro hooks .

3, Gridwall hook: supermarket gridwall hook use with mesh, the upper part can put the price tag, the bottom wire can be hanged the merchandise, the rubber end can avoid be injured. Gridwall hook is used with the mesh wall.

4, Peg hook. Fix  to the pegboard. There are various standard spacing sizes: 15MM, 25MM, 30MM, 50MM.

According to the different thickness of the pegboard  ,we can design and produce the corresponding hook.

Most of our hooks are plated with chrome ,bright glossy surface , high strength, good display your merchandise .

When we select the hooks for supermarket shelves, should be according to the display merchandise quantity , type, weight . the general choice of the hook diameter of 5mm, length 250mm, bar with length of 900mm can have 7 hooks, 700 mm can have 5 hooks.

Beautiful Hardware founded in 2010, specializing in display rack and accessories for many years, the main productions are :metal wire hooks, clothing display stands, brackets etc.,

Competitive price , Quality Assurance ! Any question on the hanging hooks , welcome to contact us . sample is provided if needed.

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