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The method of placing clothing model props
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Clothing model props in the window display common methods:

1.Single L7 clothing model props Display method: A single clothing model props display has a sharp contrast, in the display, to be different from the props around, thus reaching a prominent center of the eye.

2.231 Legal: This is said in the window must put two to three costumes model props, this is because put a significant too monotonous, put too much that is redundant.

3.Group combination (more than three clothing model props combination): A number of clothing model props, because now in the design concept of a lot of people pay attention to the style of simplicity, so the market is not too common clothing model props group, for this combination of personalized display and family-themed display and so on.

4.The high and low scattered method: This is to talk about standing in the clothing model props and have to sit on the clothing model props to each other, so that the display way, can let the clothing model props in the window space design appeared in the scattered rank, but without losing beauty.

5.Before and after the scattered method: Clothing model props before and after the display, significantly more hierarchical sense, different levels also give people different visual impact, so in the layout of the primary and secondary relationship between the product is also significantly easier.

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