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The history and future of racks
- Oct 11, 2017 -


"Drying Racks" is a major feature of China's products, the formation of the industry has also been close to 10 years, from the creation of technology to continue to improve and change, its basic components are: hand-cranked (responsible for lifting, self-locking), steel wire, steering gear, top seat, drying rod, hanger. The hand-cranked device is the core part of the drying rack, the equivalent of the automobile engine, from the original "Love clothing" plastic hand-cranked, to "good Wife" of the "all-metal" hand, materials, structure, style of continuous innovation, but the quality is still no big breakthrough, drying racks maintenance rate is still concentrated in the hand-cranked this key component. Hand-cranked quality is still the focus of the industry's most attention. Until 2007, "Dr." first launched a quality guarantee for five years of hand-cranked device, to the industry a reassuring. The hand-cranked device has the industry's six biggest characteristics, because of the quality of stability, its structure began to be the industry many manufacturers have emulated, become a model!


Drying racks are not only an ornament, but also a functional product. Drying Racks "function" has generally been recognized by consumers, has formed an "industry." If the "Love Clothes" is the industry's pioneers will start the industry, "Good Wife" is a successful packaging marketers will push the industry away, then "Dr. Ju" is a unique: return to the product itself-take quality, characteristic route: continuous improvement, innovation, leading the industry to pay attention to quality. Practical products, quality is eternal. Only quality is received by the public, the industry can continue to develop healthily. In other words, as long as the function, quality is generally recognized, drying racks will become a living necessities of the residents.