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The clothing display racks
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Something about clothing display props 

 Clothing display props (or fashion props), refers to equipments used to display clothing, such as: mannequins, display rack, hanger and so on. Generally used for clothing stores, or exhibition hall, so that clothes can be displayed more intuitively.

Clothing props specifically include:

First, the performance clothing, performance supplies, mask headdress or dance appliances, dance performances clothing, musical instruments, stage equipment.

Second, the hangers, display racks, mannequine, wigs, POP advertising boards, display hooks,shop accessories, promotional cars, ironing machines in clothing stores, shopping malls .

Clothing shelf meaning:

 First, the clothing shelves are used to store the metal shelves in the warehouse.

 Second, clothing stands in clothing stores

Difference: clothing display shelf is wood or more high-grade material through the design and processing, and with lighting effects can fully demonstrate the product three-dimensional and aesthetic clothing rack, clothing display rack is a three-dimensional or flat to display clothing .

the main material of Clothing display stand is stainless steel or other metal materials, after surface treatment ,enhance the aesthetic effect. Clothing displayed by the flat or side of the garment.

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