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The characteristics of chrome plating shelves
- Nov 24, 2017 -

What are the characteristics of chrome plating shelves? 

We all know more or less about the shelves, now let's focuse on the shelf  "electroplating" process.

Electroplating, exploit the principle deposited on the mechanical products attached to a good, but the performance and substrate materials of different metal coating technology. Plating layer is generally thin, ranging from a few microns to tens of microns.

Through electroplating, decorative and functional surfaces can be obtained on mechanical products, as well as worn and machined parts. In addition, according to various plating requirements, chrome plating is classified into the following types : rack plating, barrel plating, continuous plating and brush plating and other methods, mainly depends on the product’s size and volume .

Rack plating is suitable for general-size products, such as display hook , shelf bracket , car bumpers, bicycle handlebars and so on. Barrel plating is for small pieces, fasteners, washers, pins and so on. Continuous plating is suitable for wire and strip production in batches .Brush plating for local plating or repair.

What are the characteristics of Chrome plating shelves?

 1, carbon steel chrome, safe and non-toxic!

2, Strong display rack for shops , weight capacity ranging from 50-180KG;

3, Shop Shelf installation is very simple, No professional tools required.

4, adjustable height, according to your requirement to adjust the layer spacing;

5, Have different sizes, OEM offer.

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