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Selection index of anti-theft lock
- Oct 11, 2017 -

One, the lock body material This involves many specialized knowledge and each manufacturer's technology, the continental produces generally is the iron, the steel, the stainless steel, the zinc alloy, because of the craft, the cost limit, the lock rod hardness is not enough, often is very easy by the vigorously pliers, the hydraulic clamp cuts open.

Second, the lock core General people buy locks only look at the shape, feel very big will certainly good. But no matter what kind of domestic lock to buy, the lock is generally copper, the characteristics of copper is soft, with an electric drill, strong flow acid, you can easily damage the copper lock core. The type of lock core is also different, the more commonly used lock core for European-style lock, in addition, there are American thread lock core, Fire lock lock Core, after the two security is relatively high, the U.S. lock core used in high-end locks, good quality, high security, fire-proof lock core application in the fire door lock, capable of 975 degrees of high-temperature 90 minutes, It is a special lock core which is enforced by the state.

Three, the key, the key of the lock has many, the cross, the round mouth, Crescent, various, many key materials for copper or aluminum alloy, very easy to be copied, better materials have steel, as well as a new type of electronic keys, high security.