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Maternal and child store shelf layout
- Nov 13, 2017 -

Maternal and child store shelf layout

 maternal and child store shelves how to attract customers!    

Beautiful Hardware is specializing in the production of display shelves and shop fixtures over 10 years, maternal and child store design, maternal and child store shelves design. how to place store display shelf to attract customers for Maternal and child store?

 First, to conduct a scientific and effective classification. This is one of the essential skills of every shopkeeper. Sort the goods scientifically and effectively when placing the goods on the store shelves. Maternal and child stores face the main customers are mothers and infants, this is a relatively emotional group, Is also the most likely to impulsive shopping group, the owner of the store when placing the goods can be some clever classification, in the middle of some essential goods mixed with other goods. Beautiful hardware can design products in the shelf layout. Welcome to send inquiry .

Second, posting some promotional posters or advertisements on the shelves of maternal and child stores, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere for a mother-baby shopping environment. Of course, try to use some warm colors such as yellow, green and red colors, lighting also use softer. Our shelves are light boxes with designer.

 Third, the location changes. This change is not only refers to changes in the position of maternal and child store shelves, maternal and child stores also need to change the position of the goods shelf, and some goods because of the location and the reasons for the light and stagnant sales, and occasionally change the position, maybe There will be unexpected results

There are some principles for the maternal and child stores : affordable, branded goods , fun and vivid display , will attract mothers greatly.

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