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How to choose a good furniture handle
- Nov 01, 2017 -

How to choose a good furniture handle?

   Furniture handles are furniture decoration hardware. Handle installed in the furniture, not only can play a province of manpower, to facilitate the role of home life, at the same time with the right will play a very good decorative effect. The handle on the market, numerous, similar style, the price has great gap. Small handle, the price different of several tens of hundreds, but the quality is difficult to distinguish. How to select a handle with satisfactory, quality assurance,  appropriate price for home ?


1.See the handle appearance

   First ,see the handle of the surface color and protective film, with or without damage and scratches. Good sanding handle should be relatively dull color gives a steady feeling; semi-sand in the light with the sand transfer of the place where the separation line should be straight, if it is crooked lines , it is clearly defective; and good light handle should be color reflection as a mirror, bright and thorough, without the slightest flaws.

2.Try to handle feel

   Good handle, feel should be very comfortable. So when you buy, you can try to touch and see whether the surface treatment is smooth, pull up along the smooth; good handle edge should be done smooth processing, there is no stubble hand, cut the situation.

3.Hear  the sound of the handle

   Some unethical manufacturers on the market, cut corners, in the handle tube filled with cement or welding iron or gravel, giving a heavy feeling to deceive consumers. Identify bad handle can be identified from the sound, with a hard light gently beat the handle tube, thick tube handle sound should be more crisp, and thin tube is more boring.

4.Check the area around the screw hole

   Select the handle, need to pay attention to that, the best choice of screw holes around the area of some of the handle. Because the smaller the area around the handle screw hole, playing the handle hole in the board on the more accurate requirements, otherwise, a slight deviation, will lead to the handle hole exposed. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, need to pay attention to when buying to see the handle screw hole area is too small.


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