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Fashion Mannequin
- Dec 11, 2017 -

     Although most of the clothes in the mall are sold to people of ordinary body rather than model body, but this does not stop the prop model from growing year by year, mainly because more and more international brands enter China , Europe and the United States brands like tall props models, they look particularly tall and straight ,and very nice when clothes put on those mannequins, which virtually drives "transformation." for the fashion model.

     In general, the average body proportion of body and head for East Asians is about 6.75, while Europeans and Americans are about 7.15, "eight body" has been considered a very golden ratio, and before the mall models are generally used "eight body" model , But these years, the mannequin is taller and taller, the head-to-body ratio is getting bigger and bigger, and the model of "Nine-head" is getting more and more popular.

    "Brands like Moschino, because the models are too tall, can not fit out if not large size clothes" Although this "nine body" model body distortion, a bit like the image of the Japanese comic book, but visually speaking, it is very conquered, so clothing display can get a very good effect.

    Beautiful Display Co. Ltd supplies  various of mannequins , meet the needs of our customers, the main mannequins products including : men mannequin, women mannequin and children  mannequin and some other types of clothing models, both plastic mannequins and fiberglass mannequins  are sold worldwide.