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Design Keypoints of Supermarket Display
- Dec 01, 2017 -

1. Design keypoint for Supermarket entrance : 

Supermarket entrance is generally located in the place that have many visitors and have convenient traffic . Usually entrance is wide, the exit is relatively narrow. Should according to the location of entrances and exits to design the store access and customer flow. Shopping baskets and trolleys are arranged at the entrance for customer shopping. The standard configuration is 1 car / 10 car - 3 car / 10 car. 

2. Design keypoints for Supermarket Exit: 

The exit of the supermarket must be separate from the entrance. the exit passage width should be more than 1.5 meters. Set the cashier in the exit, according to the standard of 500-600 people per hour to set up a cashier. Some goods that are cheap prices can be set near the exit , such as chewing gum, newspapers, biscuits, drinks, etc., for queuing payment customers to buy. 

3. What is the best channel width? 

In general,for the supermarkets that take operating area of more than 600 square meter, the width of the main channel to be more than 2 meters, the width of the secondary channel to be between 1.2-1.5 meters. The minimum channel width can not be less than 90 cm, that is, two adults can pass in the same or opposite direction (the adult shoulder average width is 45 cm).

4. Setting points of Cashier:

The number of checkout counter should be based on satisfying customers' quick payment and settlement during shopping peak. Generally speaking, the time that customers wait for payment can not exceed 8 minutes, otherwise they will have irritability. Can set up the "golden channel", serve special for those customers that have no more than 3 items, to improve the speed of customer payment.

 5. Six elements of Store display : 

The supermarket display of the six elements include: lighting, color, sound, smell, ventilation, flooring.

6. Keypoint of Decorative lighting : 

 One square meter of bright, 100Lx brightness just below the 100-watt incandescent lamp. Lighting in the design of the supermarket, not the brighter the better.

Specific requirements are as follows:

(1) Ordinary corridors, passageways and warehouses with illuminance of 100-200 lux;

(2) general illumination in the store, general display and discussion area, the illuminance is 500 lux;

(3) storefront and store key display, POP advertising, product advertising, display, key display area, display cabinets, etc., illumination of 2000 Lukes. One of the key products of local lighting, illumination is best for universal lighting three times.

(4). The most important part of the showwindow is the window facing the street during the day, illuminance of 5000 lux.

7. What is warm color? What goods the Warm colors generally used to display with? 

Warm colors include red, yellow, orange. generally used to display food to increase customer appetite.

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