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Classification of Costume Model props
- Oct 11, 2017 -

1. By color

White/black, the color of the main, another can be based on customer different scenes, decoration needs, can provide color swatch we are determined.

2. By type

Men's clothing model props, women's clothing models props, children's clothing model props, special clothing model props, abstract clothing model props, posture/posture Clothing model props, cloth clothing model props.

3. By part

Male and female body clothing model props men and women headless clothing model props men and women (upper/lower) bust clothing model props children mannequin props men and women model props.

4. By texture

Hardware clothing model props, soft clothing model props, wooden female models.

Classification is too wide, specific to the needs of customers, the use of occasions.

5. Specific classifications

(1) Men's clothing model props (male body, male bust, male trousers model, male head, male have head/headless model, male various color models)

(2) Women's clothing model props (female body, female bust, female trousers mold, female head, female have head/headless model, female various color models, female hand)

(3) Children's clothing model props (children's body, child bust, children's trousers model, child head, children have head/headless model, children all kinds of color models)

(5) Male and female models have hairstyles, bald head, headless, crystal head, standing posture, sitting posture, trousers table, table has hand bust, trousers mold and so on.

(6) Bag cloth model has white, rice white, beige, light blue bag cloth model, from the age of 1 to 18 years old (adult) can choose, first with soft foaming materials foam forming, and then by cotton and cloth pure handmade bag, no odor, environmental protection, can be inserted needle; Logistics transport process is not afraid of pressure, not afraid to fall, not burst.